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Meet Hydrogen Calc

We are your global partner in helping you navigate the world of decarbonization through the long distance energy carrier Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to clean, sustainable, decarbonized global energy solutions. Further, the world desperately needs to transition to a carbon-less future to remain habitable and suitable for life as we know it. This is where Hydrogen Calc comes in…

Hydrogen Calc delivers comprehensive global hydrogen intelligence, including
  • Crucial data on external hydrogen requirements for refineries
  • Hydrogen production cost tracking for 50 countries
  • Tracking of more than >1500 global hydrogen projects 
  • Hydrogen bespoke services covering all aspects of the hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen Experts

With a team of experienced leaders in the hydrogen industry, we are confident that whatever your problem is we have a solution for it.

  • Country analysis specific to grey, blue or green hydrogen
  • Who are the leading PEM, Alkaline, SOEC, SMR and Gasification technology providers
  • Hydrogen market pricing for any specific country or region
  • Provide insights into Blue and Green Methanol and NH3 projects
  • Information pertaining to hydrogen as an energy carrier for P to X projects
  • Industry leaders and market share by various major hydrogen production companies
  • Hydrogen transportation costs and general intelligence
  • Green hydrogen and the off-taker challenge
  • Hydrogen market size by end market use

Hydrogen Prices

The Hydrogen pricing methodology is derived from the production cost-based model and the technology used in producing green, blue, and grey Hydrogen. This technology is determined by the feedstocks and energy source. Our pricing methodology is based upon combining the price of each feedstock in our database with decades of experiences and expertise in selling industrial hydrogen. The feedstock prices are local to each region/country and updated monthly.


Grey H2
Blue H2
Green H2























The prices above are for demonstration only and does not reflect the real current price of hydrogen

Grey Hydrogen

Hydrogen Calc uses Steam-Methane Reforming (SMR) technological modeling to determine the cost of producing grey Hydrogen. SMR technology has been adopted as the benchmark for the manufacturing of commercial or industrial grade Hydrogen for several for decades.

Blue Hydrogen

The blue Hydrogen model is based on a modified SMR technology where majority of the carbon dioxide generated from the steam methane reformer is captured and sequestered. Hydrogen Calc’s production cost model for blue Hydrogen uses both Methyl-di-ethanol-amine (MDEA) and pressure-swing absorption (PSA) carbon capture technologies.

Green Hydrogen

The green Hydrogen Pricing model presented by Hydrogen Calc uses Hydrogen production technologies where the feedstocks are derived from renewable energy sources. Currently, our models utilize two technologies, Alkaline (ALK) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), for its Hydrogen production cost calculations.


The pricing data provided by Hydrogen Calc may be used to compare Hydrogen production cost around the world.  Also, Hydrogen Calc provides users with the market price of hydrogen for key geographies.

 We offer intelligence that helps with global market assessments and economic evaluations of producing hydrogen globally which includes:

  • Refining global hydrogen intelligence
  • Spot market hydrogen pricing trends based on historical data
  • Innovative hydrogen technology production cost modeling calculators
  • Global hydrogen project tracking and visual intelligence

Our approach utilizes true costs that incorporates:

Actual Country- Specific Energy Cost Updated Monthly

Capital Cost Tracking for The Major Hydrogen Production Technologies

Quarterly Updates of Factors Such as Capital and Labor Costs

Utility Management for The Selective Catalytic Reforming Process For SMR. These Utilities Include Water, Nitrogen, Ammonia, and Power for Ancillary Equipment.

Normalized Pressure Output Assumed for Each Technology at 1500 psig to Ensure a True Face-value Comparison Between Technologies

Oxygen Credits Applied to Regions where High-purity Oxygen from Electrolysers can be Migrated into Local Markets

Refining Intelligence

Hydrogen Calc provides insights into refinery intelligence such as outside hydrogen requirements, hydrogen intensity as well as hydrogen production and consumption intel for key refineries around the world. These pieces of intelligence are geared toward enabling a seamless decision-making process for our clients.

Pricing Calculator

Our pricing calculator allows our users to provide their own pricing for each of the feedstocks based on the selected technology or type of hydrogen and our calculator will provide the hydrogen price in the selected unit of measure.

We also provide the option for users to select their country of choice and we will populate the calculator with the feedstock pricing for them to calculate the hydrogen price.

Spot Pricing

The values inherent in historical data cannot be undermined. Our spot pricing dashboard provides our clients with decades of monthly pricing trends.

The dashboard allows our users to view trend lines based on selected countries, time period, and type of Hydrogen, select their unit of measure, and export the data.

Project Database

Our enormous project database can be filtered by metrics such as location, technology, project status, date online, etc.

Applying the date-online filter can provide insight on the rate of growth of pipeline hydrogen projects compared to actual deployment in terms of final investment decisions. The status of the project can also help our users make a more informed investment decision based on the level of maturity of the project.

Hydrogen Project Dashboard

Hydrogen Calc’s project dashboard enables users to have a quick, intelligent overview of all hydrogen- related projects globally. The dashboard has tool tips and major KPIs that shed light on current and the future direction of the global hydrogen market trends.

Hydrogen General Information

Hydrogen Colored Themes: Industry experts have classified hydrogen into various colors that are a function of the carbon intensity associated with the particular hydrogen production method!

 Gold or White 

Carbon Intensity:  0 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Naturally-occurring hydrogen produced by fermenting microbes typically found subsurface.


Carbon Intensity:  0.6 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Hydrogen produced through water splitting electrolysis powered by renewable electricity or hydrogen produced by reforming renewable carbon sources.  Yellow hydrogen uses electrolytic technologies but is powered by grid power (carbon intensity of 28.6 kg CO2e/kg of hydrogen)


Carbon Intensity:  2.6 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Carbon emissions from steam methane reforming is captured and permanently sequestered typically in underground porous formations or strata.


Carbon Intensity: 4.4 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Hydrogen produced through (typically methane or hydrocarbon) pyrolysis that results in hydrogen and solidified carbon.

Pink, Purple, or Red 

Carbon Intensity:  0.4 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Hydrogen produced using nuclear power and heat to split water. 


Carbon Intensity:  10.9 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Hydrogen produced through steam methane reforming (SMR) technology where natural gas is typically the feedstock.

Brown or Black

Carbon Intensity:  48.7 kg CO2e/kg of Hydrogen:  Hydrogen produced from coal gasification process.

Hydrogen Value Chain

Hydrogen Intel News

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  • Hydrogen Colors
  • Electrolyzers
Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Fueling Stations
Hydrogen Mobility
On-Site Hydrogen
Pipeline Hydrogen
Liquid Hydrogen
Tube Trailer Hydrogen
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Merchant Hydrogen
Steam Methane Reforming


How often are prices updated?

Hydrogen prices are updated weekly and for some regions monthly depending on the availability of various input data.

Does the Hydrogen Calc Team sell reports and other information?

The Hydrogen Calc team offers a Custom Solution service to customers who require tailor-made reports. Our team can perform various types of hydrogen market assessments and or analysis.. To learn more about pricing, kindly contact one of our support members or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page.

What are the subscription options?

Hydrogen Calc offers flexible membership options, including pay-as-you-go, weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions. For more details, kindly visit the "Pricing" page on our website.

Renewal and Cancellation of Subscriptions

At Hydrogen Calc, we prioritize convenience for our customers. To simplify the subscription renewal process, your credit card will be automatically charged. However, if you wish to opt out of this feature, please contact our support team at support@refinerycalc.com to request cancellation (with Hydrogen Calc in the subject line).

What kind of intelligence does Hydrogen Calc offer for global market assessments?

Hydrogen Calc offers a range of intelligence for global market assessments, including global refining hydrogen intelligence, spot market hydrogen pricing trends based on historical data, and an innovative hydrogen technology production cost modeling calculations. Additionally, Hydrogen Calc offers a unique global hydrogen project tracking and information dashboard to help businesses stay informed about the latest developments in the hydrogen industry.

How can Hydrogen Calc’s data be used?

The data from Hydrogen Calc can be used to compare hydrogen production costs around the world, conduct global market assessments, and perform economic evaluations of producing hydrogen globally.

What is the pricing methodology for hydrogen?

Our approach to hydrogen pricing is based on a thorough analysis of the production cost and technology used to produce green, blue, and grey hydrogen. We consider the feedstocks and energy sources involved in the production process to derive a pricing methodology that is specific to each region/country. To do this, we combine the current price of each feedstock in our database with our decades of experience and expertise in the industrial hydrogen market. Our pricing methodology is updated on a monthly basis to ensure that it remains current and reflective of the latest market conditions. By using this approach, we can provide our clients with reliable and accurate pricing information that helps them make informed business decisions.

Who can benefit from using Hydrogen Calc?

Hydrogen Calc can benefit a range of stakeholders in the hydrogen production and supply chain, including investors, project developers, technology providers, and policymakers. Hydrogen Calc is a valuable tool for researchers, engineers, and anyone else involved in the design, optimization, and evaluation of hydrogen-related technologies and markets.

What is the benefit of using Hydrogen Calc?

The benefit of using Hydrogen Calc is that it provides valuable market intelligence and pricing data for various types of hydrogen production technologies, which can be used to make informed decisions about investment, project development, and market entry strategies.

What sets Hydrogen Calc's production cost modeling calculator apart from others? 

Hydrogen Calc's production cost modeling calculator stands out due to its use of advanced technology, enabling it to accurately and efficiently calculate hydrogen production costs.

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